Take A Look Around - Limp Bizkit

Wes Borland, the guitarist from Limp Bizkit plays a 7-string Ibanez UV7 guitar like the boys from Korn. He also uses a washburn guitar strung with one bass string and 3 guitar strings. Since the average learner doesn't own this type of gear this following example has been adapted to a standard 6 string electric guitar. In the last two riffs you have to drop the thick E string down to a lower D note, learn how to do this in the "Drop D Tuning 5th chords" section.

Intro Riff

As you will soon realize the most difficult part to this song is the timing, so pay close attention to the midi examples. To help you with your timing use the correct picking direction, D=Down & U=Up (D DU UD DU UD D).