Unison Bend

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Play two notes simultaneously and bend the lower sounding note up to the desired pitch. Some unison bends also bend both strings.

Listen to a unison bend

The image below shows how one note is bent up (3rd string, 3rd finger) while the other in held into position (2nd string, 4th finger).

Unison Bend Riff 1

This riff is bending the note (marked in red) on the 3rd string 7th fret up 1 tone (this is a full amount) and the note on the 2nd string 7th fret up a semitone (this is the value of 1 fret). The notes on the 5th fret (marked in blue) are bending a quarter of a step (this is half a semitone). Do this by using your 1 finger and pull your finger down, just enough to put the notes a little out of tune.

Listen to the riff example

Listen to audio example of this riff - 94kb