Em Shaped Minor Scale

Shape 1


fretboard_minorAs shown on this page and the next there are 2 slightly different shapes around the E Minor Shape, they are named as: Shape 1 & Shape 2. The only differance being, the notes on the 6th and 5th strings are moved down one string and back 5 frets on the next shape (shape 2).

Both of these minor scales are common ones, if you were going to have a preferance on practising 1 or 2 minor scale shapes, then choose this one or the next.

Once again the dark notes on this scale are the root notes. Root notes are the fundamental note/s that give a chord or scale its name. As you can see on this scale there are notes played past the root on the 1st or thin string. If you wanted to be scale note correct you would finish the scale on the 1st string, 1st finger.

The root of the scale supplied in the TAB is "A", this would make it an "A Minor Scale".


The audio is in the key of an "A Major Scale" root note starting from the 5th fret.