Musicians Cheat Sheets

cheat_01Cheat sheets for musicians can be a written out a number of ways depending on the complexity of the song. The example to the right is a very simple song, someone who played in a band would probably only need this chart this for the key, They may only writhe "wild Thing key of G". As you can see there is not even bar lines written down between the chords. This is because in this case the song is well known and the guitarist would only need a quick referance to the song.

For most of the time musicians cheat sheets are written out like normal chord charts, sometimes with bar lines, sometimes without. The example on the left (below) is what a singer/guitar player would use to help him remember the song when playing live. The lyrics are cut short on each line and the chords used for that part of the song are written down to the right of the lyrics. Once again this form of charting chords is just to help a musician remember one of the hundreds of songs he may play in a band.

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