Tuning - Where to Start

There are a few different ways you can tune your guitar:

  • Comparing one string to another (As shown in the following method)
  • Using an electronic tuner
  • Tuning to another instrument (piano, another guitar, keyboard, etc)
  • By using natural harmonics on the guitar
  • By listening to the sound of any major chord (this method takes a little experience)
  • Comparing octaves

Each one of the above tuning methods uses the beating effect (as shown on the following pages). If you don't understand this method, then tuning will be difficult.

When you tune the strings on your guitar, you're tuning one string to another. You will tune your 5th string by the sound of the 6th string, once your 5th string is tuned you will then tune your 4th string to the sound of you 5th string. Then tune your 3rd by your 4th, 2nd by your 3rd and 1st by your 2nd.

How To Tune - Audio Lecture

This is a sample of the 18 minute audio lecture found here .


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