Reading The "G" String

There are only two notes on this string (G & A), so this makes the notes on this string easy to remember. As you can see the stems are going up this time instead of down. This is because when the dots are written below the middle line the stems face up, and when the dots are placed above the middle line the stems go down. If the dot is placed on the middle line, then it is up to you to decide whether the stems should go up or down. It also usually follows the direction of the last stem.

open_g 3rd_str A_middle


In the exercise below the last note on the last bar is a whole note. This note is sounded over four beats, it is twice as long as a half note and four times as long as a quarter note. Remember to count it out aloud when you are playing. Pick the note on the first beat then let it ring up to the end of the fourth.





Now practice all 3 lines together along with the audio below!

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