Enter Sandman - Metallica

This song has taken place of "Smoke On The Water" as far as beginner's learning their first song. Just like Smoke On The Water it only has a few simple to play but very effective riff in it. A beginner can learn these quickly so that they can sound out their first recognizable tune. Unfortunately it is NOT a beginner's song and has many subtle differences and variations to each riff. and the solo is for advanced players only.

I have never been a huge Metallica fan but always admire their skill in creating catchy, classic songs with riffs brilliantly constructed solos. They always have the right amount of speed and melody, and this song is no different. I hope you enjoy learning it! 


The first part of the riff is using a clean sound on the guitar with a chorus effect on it. A chorus pedal (effect) will double the sound of the note you are playing and put it out of tune slightly to give the note a full rich sound.

Play this part through 12 times.

Any TAB presented in blue represents the finger numbers you should be using.


The below riff is distorted and comes in when the above riff stops. Play it through 2 times, remember the 1st note comes in half a beat early the 1st time (marked in yellow) but when it plays through the 2nd time you play it on the 1st beat (move it half a beat forward).


Play the following riff through 2 times. Take note of how the riff is building up to the "Main Riff" each time through.


Play the following riff through 7 times


Play the main riff (between the repeat signs below) through 2 times. The bar before the main riff is just finishing the progression above for the 8th time through. As you can see the main riff starts half a beat early again.

This is the riff that everyone knows. Make sure you use the correct fingers, roll your mouse over the image below to show the correct fingers to use.