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The area is for guitar teachers who want to use Guitar Tutor Online as a teaching aid.

I use this site on a regular basis to teach my students and always refer my lessons to pages for study for the week. There are some site features that are specifically for teaching, for example the zoom_image button on Flash images. This is usefull for showing students lesson examples when they're sitting across the lesson room.

The site is setup to be learnt or taught from in a liner progression.

BEGINNERS -> Tuning -> The Basics -> Sheet Music -> Learning Strings -> etc.

and then...

INTERMEDIATE -> Bar Chords -> 5th Chords -> Intermediate Rhythm


ADVANCED -> Scales -> Tablature & Technique

So basically as a teacher you have lesson plans for your students for roughly 1 to 2 years depending on your students talents.

My teaching philosophy is to encourage the interest and passion that my students have for music, by allowing them to learn the guitar through their favourite songs. There is no use in trying to force sight reading and music theory on a teenager who wants nothing more than to be in a band just for fun. I have always found music can only be successfully taught once someone has been playing for a little while, and they start to love the instrument. As they improve on the basics, their natural desire is to become better, and at that moment they realise they need to know (and most importantly, want to know) the theory they initially despised!

Danny Poole

Below are a couple of articles for anyone who is thinking about teaching the guitar.

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