Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) - Green Day

This is a great tune to learn as a beginners song.

  1. It has easy chords
  2. The changes are simple
  3. every body seems to know it
  4. It sounds good when it's played simply or the original way

You can break this song into 3 different chord progressions

1:|G      |C9  D  |
2:|Em  D  |C9  G  |
3:|Em  G  |Em  G  |Em  D  |

  • G

  • C9

  • D

  • Em

If you know what these chords are, how to strum and how the song sounds then the above information is all you need to know. If you know none of this then read on.

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This method of picking in the intro & Verse 1 is sometimes called cross picking. It's like a confined (small) rhythm. It is a combination of rhythm and single note picking. Don't rest your fingers on the guitar like shown here (Rest Fingers For Support), for this style of picking you'll either place the back end of your picking hand on the bridge or just float it above the strings.

This is a 16th note rhythm! It is also important that you keep an eye on your picking direction. Don't forget this "" means to pick down and this "" means to pick up. Remember the arrow in in relation to the tab lines.

Take note of the first two notes strummed (3 on 6th string & 0 on 4th). You may ask "how do I pick both those notes without playing the 5th string in the middle" well the answer is to mute the 5th string with your 1st finger (just touch the 5th string but don't press down) or you could lay your 2nd finger down a little so that it touches the 5th string (your 2nd finger should be pressing down on the 6th string anyway). It is not vitally important to mute the note but it does add to the tone of the chord.

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