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Advanced Section

This is a common way I categorise my lessons. If you hate being put into molds or categories then don't read on, just keep on learning what ever you feel like. I find this a good guide to filling in the gaps when lessons skip certain topics.

  1. First I group student into 3 main levels (Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced).
  2. Then each of those main groups into sub groups (Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3).
  3. Then each of those sub groups into sections (Theory, Chords & Rhythm then Melody & Riffs)
  4. Then split melody & riffs into two sections (Notation & Tablature).

Categorising Lesson Levels

Advanced - Level 1


  • Understands the theory behind the Major, Minor & 5 Pentatonic scale
  • Knows how many sharps and flats are in any key signature
  • Understands the theory behind relative minors & majors

Chords & Rhythm

  • Can work out any rhythm pattern quickly by ear or visually
  • Can write out any rhythm pattern
  • Play rhythms using extra note hammer ons, pull aways or slides

Melody & Riffs

  • Has memorised the Major, Minor & 5 Pentatonic scale
  • Can play scale exercise patterns fluent (should be able to see the scale note placing on the fretboard before you place the fingers down)
  • Can play a basic riff or solo with ease within a 1/2 hour
  • Can place all notes of one kind (e.g. F) on every string, every fret in under 10 seconds (Octaves)