Bend and Release

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Full Bend & Release


Play the note then bend up the value of a whole, 2 fret or steps. Then release the bend back to its original position/note. You will only pick the note once.

Listen to a full bend & release


TIP: Some people have difficulty sustaining the note on the release (the way back down). The trick is to keep a even amount of tension on the string when bending and releasing. Bend the string up while pushing down on the fret board then pull the string down don't release the tension, but pull the string down while keeping pressure on the fret board.

Full Bend & Release Riff


This riff is using the 1st A Minor Pentatonic Scale

When playing this riff, use your 3rd finger for the first bend while the 1st finger lays across the 5th fret, the same as riff 1 on the previous bend page. In the 2nd bar the note on the 2nd string 8th fret is bent using the 3rd finger, while the 4th finger tucks in underneath to play 8th fret on the 1st string while the previous note is still bent. In the 3rd bar your fingers are in the same position as bar 1.

Listen to the riff below

Listen how to play the above riff using full bend & release.