When A String Is In Tune

Hearing When A String Is In Or Out Of Tune



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  • To understand how to tune it helps if you can see how a note looks in a graphical view. To the right you can see the animation showing what looks like waves (these waves are known as cycles). When a note is sounded it makes vibrations in the air, this is how those vibrations are represented visually. The lower the note the further away the cycles are. When the pitch of the note is higher, the cycles are closer together.


Out Of Tune


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  • This is a graphical view of two notes out of tune with one another. Notice the sharp jagged edges caused from wider cycles (lower pitch) combining with shorter cycles (higher pitch).

    This is the sound of the 5th string "A" out of tune with the 6th string 5th fret "A"


How To Tune - Audio Lecture

This is a sample of the 18 minute audio lecture found here .

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