Bar Chords

Bar chords are difficult to play, so keep this in mind when you are practicing them. These chords can take up to two hours or two months to master. This will depend on how much practice you put in and what sort of guitar you have. Whether it is a nylon string or a steel string acoustic, or the easier will be the electric. It can also depend on the action of your guitar, this is the height that your strings are away from your fretboard.

Whether you find these chords difficult or easy to play you cannot avoid them in songs. There are easier ways to play these chords, but why waste your time practicing them when there is no substitute for the real thing.

From all my years of teaching I have only come across a hand full of students that have played bar chords successfully right away. I hated playing them when I first started as well, there's a good chance you will to.

When it comes to playing Bar Chords, remember . . . . . .
Practice, Persevere then Practice some more.

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