Downloading large files & Video Formats


These are mostly LARGE files, some over 500MB so you may be best off using a download manager to obtain them. A download manager will resume your download/s even if your connection is broken. This way you are not downloading from the beginning again if your connection is lost. Download and install one of these programs only if you choose to use a download manager. Almost all files use WinZip Compression.

Suggested Download Managers:


For now all videos are in Xvid format, to play these videos you will need the Xvid video codec ( installed on your computer. You can either download it direct from or use the one supplied in the zip file/s.


For some larger files you will have the option of downloading a "_split" version of that file. This is exactly the same only split into smaller download sizes. If you have a good internet connection or are using a download manager then you're best using the single large file. To decompress the split Zip files click on the main file (the only file NOT numbered .z01 .z02 .z03 etc.). You will need WinZip installed on you computer (